A Tragedy in Auckland



Warren Rosillo was one of our own. He died two days ago (Friday) at around 11PM – the victim of a brutal knife assault by a 17-year old who is believed to be a former Mt. Albert Grammar student. It happened in the middle of the road outside a private residence where a birthday party was being celebrated at Green Cres in Pa kuranga Auckland.


Like all the rest of the Filipino-Kiwi community, Warren moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2006 with his parents when he was just 13-years old. They settled in North Shore where he attended Edgewater College before moving to Pakuranga about three years ago.


Friends who witnessed the brutal assault on Warren related that he was chatting with a lady friend who is a former Macleans College student when her boyfriend appeared suddenly yelling at both of them at the top of his voice. Sensing something was about to escalate, Warren gallantly stepped forward in trying to defend the girl from any harm. He calmly approached his assailant to reason with him to diffuse the situation. He came in peace.




But the assailant would have none of it. What happened next was complete horror. Without warning, the assailant pulled up a sharp bladed knife from no where and slit open Warren’s gut and then repeatedly stabbed his upper torso.


Dillon Meagher, a 17-year old friend of Warren’s saw it all happen in just a few seconds. “After a series of stabs and slashes to his body he (Warren) fell flat on his back and was soaked in his own blood. I could hear the air come rushing out of his chest. Blood started to just bubble out uncontrollably as he collapsed on the pavement,” he said.


Another witness to the horrendous crime who lived across the road, Dale Clubley, said he was woken up by the load shouting and swearing by Warren’s assailant. “My partner’s nephew saw all of it happen from his bedroom window. “It was just slash, stab and more stabbing and then he (the 17-year-old assailant) went running off after he was all done. I walked up and saw a group of youths running towards the Pakuranga Highway and a group of kids kneeling around the body. The kids were on the verge of hysteria. It was pretty intense,” he related.


Friends of Warren who visited the crime scene yesterday morning stood at the edge of the police cordon, shocked, speechless, confused, angered and stunned. Most were in tears at how that Friday night had ended. They related that he was a young mechanic and car enthusiast.




Ryan Boe, one of Warren’s many friends said that he had dropped him off at the birthday party at Green Cres. “He (Warren) just got a new job and was really passionate about what he was doing.”


Warren was fondly called ‘WOF’ by his close friends. Some of them rela ted that they wouldn’t go and buy a car or do anything to their cars with out Warren being with them. He was a young mechanic and car enthusiast. Even Warren’s Facebook profile picture displays a favourite car of his instead of his own photo. For a young man making his way to becoming a productive member of society, his future was looking bright. That all ended in just a few minutes on that fateful Friday night.


Even as emergency services were called to the house party at 11.10pm Friday (29th July) after a report of a disturbance in the street outside the house had been made, the NZ Police said that the adult-supervised party was far from out of control and there had been no reason to be concerned about it until the report of violence came through. This morning (Sunday), they filed this brief report on their website about the incident.



In the last 10-years the number of apprehensions for stabbings and cutting offences has increased 50%. Last year in New Zealand there were 1,700 appre hensions, which are nearly five such incidents reported every day. The alleged attacker of Warren has so far been charged with assault, but Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Glossop said more serious charges are expected to follow.


The Herald on Sunday knows the identity of the man who committed the brutal and deadly assault which resulted in Warren’s gruesome death but have not revealed it to the public as yet after a request was made by the police who are still gathering every detail they can.


The Filipino-Kiwi community in Auckland and across New Zealand extends their deepest sympathies and condolences to the surviving members and relatives of Warren’s family both here in New Zealand and in the Philippines, especially to his grieving parents who are in deep shock for the loss they’ve just sustained.


May justice be served swiftly and equitably in honour and memory of Warren.


Postscript Added as of Monday – 08 August 2011 10:30 AM New Zealand Time:


A few hundred of them gathered at a car park at Sir Lloyd Drive, Highland Park near Howick in Manukau. They were there to drive en masse south-eastward toward the coastal town of Marae tai. Their car headlights were on to signify that a funeral procession was underway.


It was organized by a host of Warren’s friends as a tribute to a young man who loved cars and, if he were alive, “he would have loved to see how many people turned up to send him off”, commented a close friend of Warren’s.


One of the funeral procession’s organizers, Sinead Wilson-Hoyes, revealed that the main outcome was to remember a bright young man who by all accounts was a motoring fanatic. Therefore, it was truly appropriate for all his friends and peers to come around for this solemn event riding their modified vehicles yesterday to show their affection for War ren.


The day before the ‘remembrance’ cruise on Saturday, Warren, who worked at a car repair business in East Tamaki, was farewelled by family and friends at a memorial funeral service held at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Pakuranga. His supervisor at Diesel Rescue, Evelyn Teisi, commented that it was a fitting tribute to a popular and well-liked teenager.


His mother spoke up about the time when Warren was just a young boy in the Philippines and how determined he was about his passion for cars. The memorial included a presentation about his life and showed photos of him graduating from a school in the Philippines. One of his friends even performed a dance shuffle in honour of Warren who himself was a skilled dancer. “It was pretty cool,” said another friend “you could tell that he was well loved and had a lot of friends.”


Tyrone Gallagher, another friend had this to say on Warren’s RIP Facebook page: “R.I.P bro, and to think I saw you that morning. You were happy, as usual. Because you were always a happy, chill and calm guy it hurts me to think some one would do that to you? Ii just don’t get it? I was just thinking to myself ….  I know I wasn’t even that close to you, but it’s like I’ve lost one of my closest boys because of the effect it’s had on most my boys/friends and our community. But most of all, I feel for your family.”


Warren’s killer, a 17-year old male whose name is under suppression, was charged with murder after forensic experts concluded that the manner of assault on Warren was a cold-blooded brutal affair. He was granted bail that includes a 24-hour curfew. He is due to reappear in court on August 24.


May justice be served swiftly and equitably in honour and memory of Warren.





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  1. Robert

    So sorry to hear about this. Truly shocking and not representative of what Auckland is all about. Lets hope this person serves a very long jail term for this horrific act.

  2. hi there, do you mind if I reblog this on my site? Thanks in advance :)

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